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Visiona kaunis ja huoliteltu asiakas

TAIKA-jewellery is a Finnish company. Our vision is to make people to feel themselves beautiful and stylish.

We want to offer you jewellery that combines pure Scandinavian design with good quality materials and workmanship. Simple, timeless, elegant jewellery. Our jewellery is distinctive, not pretentious, but showing our Scandinavian style. They are meant to be used daily - both at work as well as in the leisure time. TAIKA-jewellery is Everyday luxury.

Riikka Vermas

I am Riikka Vermas, the founder of TAIKA-jewellery. I am very happy because I can work with beautiful jewellery and wonderful customers. Both via the internet and face-to-face.

This is for YOU, if you want

  • High quality TAIKA-jewellery. Simple, timeless, elegant jewellery. Jewellery that are Everyday luxury. For you and your loved ones.
  • Jewellery knowledge. Tips how to choose a the "right" jewellery piece. Eg how your measurements influence it.

Quality jewellery. Purity of design.

You can find beautiful pieces in our wide range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. There are jewellery for women, however also for men and children.

We use good quality materials e.g. real freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, 925 sterling silver as well as  rose and yellow gold.

Our own design and top design around the world 

Our Nature collection is very much loved collection made of 925 sterling silver. The design has got its inspiration from the Finnish nature. Lily of the valley (Finland's national flower), Birch tree (our most common tree), Water lily and Cliff on lake (there are thousands of lakes in Finland) are the products in the Nature collection.  There is necklace, earring and ring for each of these.

Also our Baltic Sea collection is very much liked. It is also made of 925 sterling silver. In addition some pieces have 14K rose gold plating. The source of inspiration for the collection has been Baltic Sea, its waves, surfs and small bays and creeks. The jewellery pieces of Baltic Sea Collection are one degree bigger than the pieces in Nature collection.

In addition to our own design we bring together beautiful designs from all our the world. We are looking for international designers whose jewellery fits our Scandinavian style and TAIKA-jewellery assortment: timeless sterling silver and gold jewellery, classic pearls, elegant Swarovski-crystal jewellery and relaxed leather bracelets.

We are capable of providing you wide range of wonderful, beautiful jewellery with excellent price-quality ratio.

korvakoruthopeinen papuketjurannekoru

Look the best of yourself

Our vision is to help you feel beautiful and stylish. We help you look the best of yourself, to find "your jewellery", the jewellery that fits you perfectly. We do it both face-to-face as well as online.

Basic rule in choosing jewellery is to highlight your best parts with help of jewellery. It is also important to understand how your measurements (like the measurements of your body, but also the measurements of your fingers, wrist, ears and neck) influence on finding the "right" necklace, bracelet or ring to you.

Best wishes


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