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Caring for jewellery

Do you want that your jewellery stays shiny and beautiful?

So do I. Taika jewellery are beautiful, many are classic pieces of jewellery. I hope that Taika jewellery pieces give you delight for a long time. It is though important to understand that the jewellery pieces are like clothes: by using them in a right way and by taking care of them regularly you can expand the time they are shiny and beautiful.

Below, you will find a list of the 4 most important things you should be thinking when using jewellery.


1) Avoid that jewellery gets dirty

Jewellery gets dirty like clothes. Take your jewellery away when doing "dirty work" like garden work. Be also careful in the kitchen when cooking. There can be a lot grease in the air. I myself take always my rings and bracelets away when cooking or doing dishes.

It is impossible to avoid all the dirt. Eg skin grease is there all the time. Little by little it will accumulate on the top of jewellery.

2) Avoid that cosmetic products get in contact with jewellery 

Cosmetic products and chemicals are very harmful for jewellery. Hair spray, perfume and sun sun screen lotion are one of the worst products, but also other cosmetic products are bad for jewellery. When in contact with jewellery, they will start a chemical reaction together with the oxygen in the air. Eg silver jewellery will get darker. Especially in the summer, when it is warm / hot (temperature itself is already a catalyst) and when people are sweating, the chemicals of cosmetic products together with warmth and sweat can make a very strong chemical reaction.

In addition to cause chemical reactions to jewellery metals, chemicals like hair spray, perfume but also like shampoo, conditioner etc build up on top of jewellery. The layer is very thin, however when there are enough layers, it will make the jewellery to loose its shine.

Remember to put the jewellery on you as the last thing: Get dressed first. Put on make up, use the hair products like hair spay and perfume. As the final thing, put on the jewellery.

3) Take off the jewellery before shower, sauna or swimming.

There are two problems for jewellery that shower creates. Firstly, one is using shampoo and conditioner, which easily accumulates in the small holes in jewellery, if not rinsed extremely carefully.

Second problem is the water itself. Glue is being used in many pieces of jewellery when combining different elements of jewellery together. Depending on the quality of the glue it might dissolve little by little causing e.g that stones are loosening. This problem gets even worse in the sauna where there is in addition also very hot. (We come from Finland. It is very normal to go to sauna at least once a week.) Also washing the dishes is in the same way harmful for the rings. The water itself is bad, however dishwashing liquid in addition increases the dissolving effect of the water.

Swimming: Especially in the swimming pools, where there is chlorine in the water, it is better to take off the jewellery because of the possible chemical reactions. In addition, you should be very careful with the rings (especially if they are a bit loose) so that you don't loose them. Water in swimming pools and natural waters is normally cold or cool, which makes fingers to get a bit smaller.

Sweat isn't good for jewellery. If you do sports which make you sweat, you should take off at least the necklaces. It is also not very comfortable if the pendant is bigger. In the ears (=earrings) or in the fingers (=rings) people normally don't sweat that much.

4) Take care of your jewellery regularly 

  • Wipe out the jewellery with a moist cloth (e.g. microfibre cloth or flannel). 
  • If needed, if the jewellery is dirty, use also very mild dish-washing liquid to clean it up.
  • Silver jewellery tarnishes with time. The speed and degree of tarnishing depends on the pH-value of your skin. Wipe out silver jewellery regularly with silver cleaning cloth to get them shiny again.
  • Pearls: Use pearls regularly. Pearls like to be on the skin. If the pearl necklace (especially the silk thread) is dirty and you have to wash it, wait until it will become dry before using it. If the silk thread is wet, it will stretch and also becomes dirty easily.
  • Leather bracelets: if wanted it is possible to care leather bracelets with shoe shine products. It will give a protecting surface on the top of leather which will protect leather for wearing as well as getting dirty.

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